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Lisa Carberg is a communications and public relations professional in Connecticut.  Her career has spanned 20 years as a television news anchor and reporter both locally and nationally. Being on the news side of public relations “pitches,” Lisa understands what reporters are looking for to cover and promote.  Lisa knows how to hone a message and brand to make it interesting, appealing and easy to understand.


While anchoring the evening news at the state’s NBC affiliate WVIT NBC Connecticut, Lisa covered the major stories of the decades and earned a Peabody Award for her anchoring during the coverage of the Sandy Hook, Connecticut school shootings with a team of professionals.

Lisa also served as her station’s health and medical reporter. Public relations professionals, physicians and hospitals constantly pitched their stories to her hoping for positive evening news coverage.  Being a part of that decision-making process, as well as her media relationships at several television stations and newspapers built over her years of service, is what gives Lisa an advantage. Lisa has placed clients on local television newscasts and local talk shows with various products and messages. Lisa orchestrated a news conference that has the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut on hand, in addition to three local television stations and area newspapers. Lisa also has national news and financial media contacts. 

During her corporate public relations experience Lisa learned to work with a top team,  producing high definition corporate videos, social media videos, and television commercials. She facilitates Facebook live interviews with her clients.  She also assists her clients with talent coaching, helping them feel more comfortable speaking and being interviewed.

Lisa anchored evening newscasts from 2007 – 2014 in Connecticut.

Lisa anchored evening newscasts from 2007 – 2014 in Connecticut.


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